WHIMBY = Worldclass & Workforce Housing In My Backyard

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The American Dream of home ownership – now within reach.

Whimby = World Class & Workforce Housing in my backyard.

 WHIMBY’s are: Small, yet readily and easily expandable. As needs and clients’ earning power grows, the option to expand is available through what we call “Phased construction.” Made with proprietary materials; Including repurposed waste Styrofoam and plastics from our oceans and landfills. Built to the same standard as conventionally built homes, the 2021 IRC, so these homes earn equity and do not depreciate like most tiny homes. Placed on a permanent foundation, yet innovatively readily and easily relocatable. Placed in the backyards of property owners or your own land – Either residential or commercial. Reach out if you want to be a property partner and help your local workforce. Built by offsite dealer/factory-partners throughout the Nation, establishing a network of decentralized manufacturing, customer service, quality control, craftsmanship and consistency of design. Built in a climate controlled facility so materials and workers stay dry and warm every day of the building process. Many building options, including: Solar, compost toilets, garden top roofs with a greenhouse and deck, luxury appliances. Real Homes – not trailer homes, not manufactured homes or RV’s. They are real homes that build equity. Starting prices around $100k. Why a WHIMBY? WHIMBY is a home ownership program brought to the market by Heuer Homes LLC. It supports those in the workforce as well as first time home buyers, Vets, Millennials, GenXers, retirees and more. With the ever-widening gap in the demand for homes, WHIMBY offers up a viable solution to millions seeking the fundamental need of shelter and the American dream of home ownership. WHIMBY’s are great as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). To become a builder/dealer visit our website to learn more and contact us. Become a Property Partner. Property Partners are honored and vital for the WHIMBY program to succeed. WHIMBY Property Partners understand the need for a healthy workforce and affordable housing in their community. By sharing their land Property Partners can expect a huge return in their neighborhood: Adequate staffing at local business establishments, Future generations can access the American Dream, To establish or to maintain the character of their community. WHIMBY. Worldclass & Workforce Housing In My Backyard.