What Is The Disaster Relief Program?

It is the policy of Heritage Homes of Nebraska, Inc. to give scheduling priority to those individual homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters (flood, fire, tornado, etc.). In order to help assist and provide disaster relief to the affected, we will expedite home orders in two ways:

Processing: We will expedite all processing of blueprints and orders to accommodate faster construction times.

Home Scheduling: Once the order is finalized, buildable, with all completed details, deposits, and proof of financing it will be scheduled for construction in the next available time slot beyond the 5 week backlog mark.

Remember: Heritage Homes still builds each house individually and always maintains a minimum of a 5 week backlog to allow adequate time to order specific components (windows, doors, roof trusses and cabinets). Ultra custom homes requiring special order components or state architectural stamps may require longer lead times.

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