How Much Per Square Foot Are Your Homes?

Pricing houses by the square foot is like pricing cars by the pound. It is not a good measurement of “what you get,” and usually is not a guarantee of anything. Because we are a custom homebuilder and serve a wide geographical region, we do not price our houses by the square foot. Your cost per square foot will vary largely based on three factors:

The total square footage (larger homes = lower cost per square foot) and the features you design into your home.

The style of home. Each style of home, from ranch to two story, loft, Cape Cod, prow, split entry will vary.

The amount of custom features you design in your home. Because you are the designer, you control the costs. Your Heritage Builder will help you design a home that will fit your needs, desires and budget. More importantly they will give you a GUARANTEED FIRM PRICE.

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