Do These Homes Cost Less Than A Conventional Site Built Home?

Each region is different, but for the most, Heritage Homes can provide you with more value for your investment dollar than a conventional site built home. It has been our experience that most clients aren’t necessarily looking for the lowest price, but instead the best cost or overall value. What is the difference you ask? Price is a one-time event. Costs go on for the entire life of the product. In other words, a Heritage Home will COST you less to own throughout the years of ownership through benefits like increased energy efficiency of windows, no maintenance vinyl windows and siding, and better quality products and materials.

Over three decades ago, when Heritage Homes started in business, we made the decision that we would strive to offer a top quality home at a reasonable investment. We felt that it was better to explain the price one time than to apologize for poor quality for the life of the home.

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