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  • What Is The Difference Between A Heritage Home And A “Double Wide” Or Manufactured Home?

    Mobile homes, now called manufactured homes, are built to the HUD Code. They utilize a steel frame in the floor system for structural support and are built to a lower code for overall construction. In addition, they are typically considered “personal property” and will usually depreciate in value over time. The combination of these factors usually results in severe restrictions on their placement in communities.

    Heritage Homes are built in sections, but that is where the similarity ends. We use the highest quality materials and conform to the most stringent codes in the nation: the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Heritage Homes are also built to all building codes for your specific location, and in many cases construction exceeds the required codes.

    Our homes are built to appreciate and are treated the same way as site built homes are by banks, mortgage companies, appraisers, and insurance companies.

  • What Is A System Built Modular Home?

    A system built modular home is built to the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and/or the International Residential Code ( IRC). This is the same code used by site contractors to build homes. Instead of building in ever-changing weather conditions, modular homes are built in sections or modules indoors, where they are never subjected to adverse weather conditions. The sections move through our factory, with quality control checking them after every phase of construction. Finished modular sections are covered, sealed and transported to your home site where they are placed on your foundation. After your home is set and the interior is finished, other site work, such as a garage, deck, porch or patio is completed by your Heritage Distributor.

  • Don’t All Modular Homes Look Alike?

    No – and unless you were there to see a Heritage Home delivered and assembled, you would probably never guess that it’s been built using modular sections. Heritage uses computer aided drafting and design programs to draw plans that fit your wants and needs.

    We have a wide variety of standard plans, but our flexibility also allows us to work from your plan. Ranch, Cape Cod, loft, split entry and two story homes are all available and are shown in our design manual.

  • How Long Does It Take To Build A Heritage Home?

    After your blueprint is finalized, your home will go on our production schedule and will typically start in our facility six to eight weeks later. Then, depending on the design of your home, it will take about five to six weeks on the production line to build the home. The modulars will then be scheduled to be delivered to the site and your Authorized Independent Builder will be able to give you a completion date.

  • Are Quality Materials Used In The Construction?

    Yes – As a matter of fact, the quality of raw materials used in modular construction is superior to site built construction. This is due to the fact that all of the materials have to be straight in order to fit in exacting tables and jigs to insure square and accurate construction. Our construction takes place indoors – out of the elements where the home is protected during the construction process. Heritage typically uses 20% – 30% more material in the framing of our homes to insure not only the structural integrity, but also a safe and secure trip to your building site.

    Heritage uses only kiln dried #2 Grade or better lumber to frame your home. Heritage manufactures the roof trusses for each home in our truss plant at our facility in Wayne, NE. We use only the best 2X4 and 2X6 lumber in the construction of our roof trusses. This increases the live load rating of our roofs to greatly surpass the national code requirements. Here are some of the quality products that may be used in the construction of your new Heritage Home: Moen Faucets, Aker by Maxx Tub/Shower Units, Seagull Lighting, Kwikset Locksets, Armstrong Laminate and Vinyl Flooring, Bruce Hardwood Floors, Kohler Brand Whirlpool Tubs, CertainTeed 30 Year Shingles, Gerkin Comfort Series Windows or Pella Windows, CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, LP SmartSide Siding and more.

    All of the products that we use to construct your home are screened for durability, quality and product warranty. In addition, our buying power allows us to purchase high quality materials while passing on the cost savings to you.

  • What Type Of Trim And Cabinets Are Used?

    Heritage uses solid oak trim as standard, and also builds and stains your custom oak cabinets right in our factory! Our state of the art cabinet and finishing system gives you a true custom built cabinet with the features you desire. Oak is our standard cabinet, but upgraded wood species such as knotty pine, hickory, rustic hickory; maple, and cherry are also available. Four sided, dove tailed drawer boxes are standard on all Heritage Homes kitchen cabinetry.

  • What Is The Insulation R-Value Of A Heritage Home?

    Heritage has a standard R-20 wall insulation value. Heritage standard attic value is R-40. You may choose to Super Insulate your new home by increasing the walls to R-25 and the attic to R-50.

  • Do These Homes Cost Less Than A Conventional Site Built Home?

    Each region is different, but for the most, Heritage Homes can provide you with more value for your investment dollar than a conventional site built home. It has been our experience that most clients aren’t necessarily looking for the lowest price, but instead the best cost or overall value. What is the difference you ask? Price is a one-time event. Costs go on for the entire life of the product. In other words, a Heritage Home will COST you less to own throughout the years of ownership through benefits like increased energy efficiency of windows, no maintenance vinyl windows and siding, and better quality products and materials.

    Over three decades ago, when Heritage Homes started in business, we made the decision that we would strive to offer a top quality home at a reasonable investment. We felt that it was better to explain the price one time than to apologize for poor quality for the life of the home.

  • How Much Per Square Foot Are Your Homes?

    Pricing houses by the square foot is like pricing cars by the pound. It is not a good measurement of “what you get,” and usually is not a guarantee of anything. Because we are a custom homebuilder and serve a wide geographical region, we do not price our houses by the square foot. Your cost per square foot will vary largely based on three factors:

    The total square footage (larger homes = lower cost per square foot) and the features you design into your home.

    The style of home. Each style of home, from ranch to two story, loft, Cape Cod, prow, split entry will vary.

    The amount of custom features you design in your home. Because you are the designer, you control the costs. Your Heritage Builder will help you design a home that will fit your needs, desires and budget. More importantly they will give you a GUARANTEED FIRM PRICE.

  • Will Heritage Homes Sell Direct To Me?

    No. The cost is the same whether through an Authorized Heritage Builder or direct. What is not, is the SERVICE and extra special attention you receive from your distributor during this critical time. Those who advertise “buy factory direct and SAVE” only tell you part of the story. What they fail to mention is that they simply keep the profits, most used for service to run expensive ‘buy direct’ ad campaigns. Heritage Builder/Distributors receive hours of professional training on everything from design techniques, to how to handle service after the sale. Their main mission is to custom build a home for your family, while making the experience enjoyable.

  • Can I Use My Own Plan Or Do I Have To Select One From Heritage?

    Yes. Whether you use our plan or yours, you can be the designer. Through a design consultation with your area Heritage Home Distributor, most clients are able to design that “perfect home plan” that fits their family.

  • Who Should I Contact About Financing?

    All Heritage Homes are financed through conventional mortgage lenders no different than site built homes. Heritage does have a preferred lender program that offers clients many different choices in mortgages. For a list of lenders and more information on our Preferred Lenders contact your Authorized Heritage Builder.

  • What Is The Disaster Relief Program?

    It is the policy of Heritage Homes of Nebraska, Inc. to give scheduling priority to those individual homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters (flood, fire, tornado, etc.). In order to help assist and provide disaster relief to the affected, we will expedite home orders in two ways:

    Processing: We will expedite all processing of blueprints and orders to accommodate faster construction times.

    Home Scheduling: Once the order is finalized, buildable, with all completed details, deposits, and proof of financing it will be scheduled for construction in the next available time slot beyond the 5 week backlog mark.

    Remember: Heritage Homes still builds each house individually and always maintains a minimum of a 5 week backlog to allow adequate time to order specific components (windows, doors, roof trusses and cabinets). Ultra custom homes requiring special order components or state architectural stamps may require longer lead times.

  • What Does An Energy Star Certified Heritage Home Mean To Me?

    It means that your home will be designed to the highest energy specifications and inspected at various times during the construction by an independent H. E. R. S. (Home Energy Rating System) for compliance to the Energy Star program.

    Included in our Energy Star certification process is:

    1. Property sizing of the heating and cooling system.
    2. An initial H. E. R. S. (Home Energy Rating System) assessment during the design phase at Heritage Homes.
    3. An on-site Energy Star inspection and blower door test to certify a final H.E. R. S. rating for your home.
    4. A written 3-year, heating and cooling guarantee from Heritage Homes.
  • Should I Look For A Higher Or Lower H.E.R.S. Score?

    The lower the number the better. The Home Energy Rating System sets 100 as the mark for a standard new home using modern building practices. Each 1% decrease in HERS index corresponds to a 1% reduction in the energy consumption compared to the HERS reference Home (2006 IECC) Thus a home with a HERS index of 85 is 15% more energy efficient.

    The HERS score takes into account several components of the home including:

    Geographical location, climate data, square footage of the home, volume of the home, number of floors above grade, foundation type, and insulation properties.

    Additionally it looks at several specific components of the home including:

    Window and door properties, ceiling insulation properties, mechanical equipment and sizing specifications, duct system performance, mechanical ventilation, and air change/infiltration rate.

  • Are All Home Builders Energy Star Certified?

    No. While all builders COULD incorporate Energy Star Certification into their building practices, very few take the time or the added construction steps to meet the guidelines.

  • What Kind Of Heating/Cooling System Is Used To Achieve These Low Energy Costs?

    HVAC systems are sold and serviced by a local source in order to provide you with the customer care you need. You choose the fuel type and style of system that best fits your needs and your lifestyle. Your Authorized Heritage Builder will then submit the information on the system you select to the HERS rater for sizing and energy rating.

  • Who Will Do The HERS Inspection On My Home?

    Heritage Homes uses American Energy Advisors to do HERS Certification. They are an independent firm who specialized in HERS rating and Energy Star compliance.

  • Is Energy Star Construction An Optional Feature?

    No. Energy Star certification and a 3-year heating/cooling guarantee are standard with all Heritage Homes. *Individual Home owners and Authorized Heritage Builders may elect not to participate in the Energy Star Program if they choose.

  • Do I Really Get A One Year Heating And Cooling Guarantee On My Heritage Home?

    YES! Each Heritage Home built in 2011 or later can receive a 1-year heating/cooling guarantee if they follow the complete Energy Star certification process.

  • Does Heritage Only Build Homes Or Are Other System Built Buildings Available?

    In addition to being the heartland’s premier home builder of system built homes, Heritage Homes also specializes in multifamily homes, and commercial buildings including banks, schools, offices, clinics, and restaurants.