Heuer Homes manufactures Portable Micro Home Building Block Processing Plant…we provide the equipment to manufacture quality large “Lego” like building blocks for home building, these blocks are ICF Insulated Concrete Forms with an added “C” for composite, thus we produce CICF’s,

Attributes to our blocks include those common to most ICF’s on the market and ours are;

*Essentially fire proof

*Vermin resistant

*Hurricane and tornado resistant

  • Composite is the “C” in CICF. Our composite is a cementitious material, which
    attributes include;
  • 4 hour fire rating
  • Vermin resistant
  • Chemical bond for our stucco exterior finishes
  • Chemical bond for our plaster interior finishes
  • Includes all the positive, historical, proven qualities as any ICF
  • Easy to build with like “Legos” just bigger, with excellent keyed connections,
    facilitating superior assembly and extreme low air loss
  • Interior “screen grid” of structural concrete, less concrete required while still
    achieving superior structural needs and 2012 IRC code compliancy
  • Requires no siding, no drywall & no paint on walls, saving on time and money
  • Reduce material and labor requirements,
    ideal Leasing/Distribution/Building model
    as material and labor costs are on the rise and skilled labor is on the decline.
  • Heuer Blocks are technically simple to use , low weight, s tack easily with a
    proprietary keyway design, all of which allowing unskilled persons/volunteers to be a viable labor force
  • Extremely energy efficient,
    R 3.5 per inch
  • Create extremely strong
  • Do not offgas
  • Reduces time to complete a build project
  • Recycles a major problematic material
  • Excellent choice for DIY and contractors
  • Excellent profits, we can provide upon request a proforma on the attractive profitability of block sales to the general public