NorthWest Montana

Environmentally Green Construction

The factory operates with eco-friendly and recyclable procedures. Once the home is delivered to the site, the use of factory /systems-built products can lessen the impact to the project by decreasing traffic to and from the site and the length of time from start to completion of the project. Less material waste means less construction material dumped into the local landfill, reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Unused materials on one house at the factory are re-used for the next house which cuts back on waste from the production of each home. Recycling of his waste not only keeps less material out of the landfill, but reduces the cost for each of the materials used, ultimately reducing cost for the consumer.

Once the house is built and moved to site, the absence of additional equipment and materials needed for site-built applications also gives system-built homes an advantage. No longer needed are additional vehicles, lumber, plumbing materials, etc.

We believe that by following this model, we not only offer excellent homes at excellent prices, we do so while benefiting the environment in many ways.