About Heuer Homes LLC

We Are Building Homes Into the Future



We are leading the way in the 3D printed / robotic built homes industry.

We are a 3D home printing company with a revolutionary process like nothing that you have seen before.

Our innovation will help you increase your bottom line and be your 3D printer supplier.

Our founder has 40 years experience in residential construction and factory home building.

Attributes that make our 3D printer and us your choice:

*We produce INSULATED homes as we print, we create the home’s wall insulation as the home is built, giving us an R3.6 per inch

*We print 5 mediums;

Insulative matter for walls, adobe floors (an option that is as tough as a pine wood floor), interior and exterior wall finishes with tints and the structural material.

*2012 IRC compliant.

*We use concrete and rebar as our structural elements, much less than conventional build walls.

*Our homes use no drywall on the walls and require no siding.

*We can print from below grade, right on top of the footings.

*We use 5 proprietary extruders.

*We understand what it takes to build homes, because we build homes.

*We can use recycled EPS to print as our insulation medium.

*We can also GROW our homes, using a biological material, (Mycelium) to print as our insulation medium.

*We can build 3 story homes, 15 to 16 per acre

*Superior to factory build homes; no cranes & no transportation costs, as well as  no set & finish labor costs.


Our equipment is designed to rapidly build subdivision homes, seamlessly without much effort moving from one home build to the next, operating with “lights out machining” time efficiency.

We build right on the footers below grade, (we can print the footings as well) the print continues up to the bottom of the trusses, while also printing the interior partition walls.


OUR 3D HOME PRINTING is our best price point and fastest build to turn key option, we do offer two more solutions:


Heuer Homes also offers other solutions to quality home building;

*Factory built homes, we offer full size homes…see below, as well as ADU-Accessory Dwelling Units /Tiny Homes….see our WHIMBY page

*Portable Micro Home Building Block Processing Plant…we provide the equipment to manufacture quality large “Lego” like building blocks for home building, these blocks are ICF Insulated Concrete Forms with an added “C” for composite, thus we produce CICF’s, see our CICF page.

Learn How Our Factory Built Homes Compare:

We are the EXCLUSIVE dealer in Western Montana for Heritage Homes. We are the premier Cadillac builder of conventionally built custom and multifamily homes, and Award-Winning Industry Leader. See our Heritage Homes page.

Our homes are built in a controlled environment resulting in SUPERIOR quality and then placed on a permanent foundation, EXACTLY and competitively priced, with delivery date pinpointed. 2×6 conventional construction, conventional mortgages. Ask about having your first year HVAC annual operating cost GUARANTEED!*

Experts in their individual trade building your home, screwed and glued assembly, to create a lighter, better insulated and stronger home, complete with a State inspection. Average build time is much less than that of a site-built home from the time the first nail flies with ABSOLUTELY no weather delays and materials remain dry at all times.

Our homes are built to the exact same code as that of a site-built home, the IRC International Residential Code. Additionally, we add a few things that take our product over and above that of site-built homes.

By building with us you get to fully customize your new home, you can choose many, many options, including cabinets, floor coverings, lighting, move walls, siding, window, etc.

We represent the Better, Faster and Smarter way to build! We have been in the home construction business for 30 years, we understand the process and excel with knowledge, actual hands on work, management of sub-contractors and customer service.

If you are a Realtor trying to sell a parcel of raw land, consider offering your client’s parcel of land as a “to be built” home for sale, we will help you transition your raw land listings from “For Sale” to “Sold!”