NorthWest Montana

A Better, Faster Smarter way to build. Factory built homes offer many benefits over a site-built home. Our homes are built to the same exact code as a site-built home; however, our product and our entire build process is superior in many ways, let us show you. We specialize as well in natural building, including clay plaster walls, adobe floors, thermal mass walls, and rocket stoves. Any of these can be incorporated into a build. I am the Builder for Heritage Homes in North West Montana. With our Off-Site Building System, you can have a quality custom designed home for $200,000 to $550,000, saving time and money. See for yourself, take the virtual Factory Tour at www.hhofne.com or call Mitch at 406-223-3442 for a catalog. We can manage your new home build from the inception, the land purchase (we are realtors as well) and the build to the turn key moment.

We are the exclusive dealer in Western Montana for Heritage Homes. The premier builder of conventionally built homes.

We can handle custom, multi-family, as well as affordable options. From narrow to wide, large or small, we got you covered.

With full customization and a huge selection of options and features we know we have what you want.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Mitch Heuer during my extensive remodel. His knowledge, craftsmanship, professionalism and eye for detail were beyond my highest expectations. He is hardworking, honest, reliable and I feel so blessed every day I look around my home that he was in charge and working on my job!
~ Jamie Harberts

Mitch Heuer is an excellent contractor. He has done several projects for me and I have been pleased every time. He is very knowledgeable and detail oriented. Mitch is highly creative and frequently had ideas of how we could make things better. He has always gotten the job done efficiently and timely. He is fair in his pricing which is comforting and rare. He has a friendly personality and disposition. I am admittedly a bit picky and he exceeded my expectations. He definitely goes above and beyond. In my opinion, Mitch is the best of the best! Some of the projects that he did for me include the following: Construction work to build walls for an enclosure for my washer and dryer, knocked down walls to an existing closet and then created a bigger space and area for clothes and laundry, changed an existing door into a pocket door for better functionality, tore down a large header to open up a bathroom space and create one large opening, installed tile flooring for a room and upstairs hallway, and installed molding and baseboards. I highly recommend Mitch for any and all construction needs. I will be happy to speak to anyone personally about his work ethic and my experience. Feel free to call or email me.
~ Teresa Hymowitz